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Do you want to hire a professional stucco service provider so you can improve the look of the surfaces on your property? Perhaps you want to hire an expert that provides excellent window trim. If so, Nor Lath & Plaster Inc is the plastering service you can trust. We are conveniently based in Lodi, CA, and here is more about what we offer.

Stucco Installation

Company Strengths

Nor Lath & Plaster Inc‘s “measure twice, cut once” philosophy is what has made the company the go-to choice for quality services. If you want your services done with top-grade materials and expertise, you are in the right place.

Our Services

Stucco Installation

Stucco Installation

Because stucco, a cement combination, doesn't need to be maintained for up to 50 years, it makes for a great external material. Stucco is less prone to crack when the seasons change than other building materials because of its capacity to expand and compress in response to climatic variations. One of our specialties is stucco installation, and we are happy to provide this service at a fair price.
Stucco Foam Window Trim

Stucco Foam Window Trim

Want to give your home a touch of sophistication and elegance? To create a lasting impression, you do not necessarily need to do a major renovation! Installing stucco window ledges and window trim is the best way to embellish the exterior of your home. Window trim is available in a range of sizes to accommodate almost any window. Combining trim moldings and ledges to create authentic curb appeal is simple. Due to the exceptional durability of high-density foam, we work with local custom foam manufacturers who offer only window treatments made from this material.
Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair

When it comes to stucco repair, working with a professional offers several benefits, the most important and obvious of which is that they have the necessary degree of experience to complete the process correctly from the start. Unskilled homeowners frequently believe that they can save money on stucco repairs by doing them themselves. However, this approach rarely succeeds and comes at tremendous expense to the company.
Stucco Texturing

Stucco Texturing

Once stucco has dried, it can be painted, and it can be repainted whenever desired. Before applying paint to old stucco, it can be washed and allowed to cure. As a result of stucco's adaptability, it can be used in a variety of innovative ways! You can experiment with various paint colors, patterns, and textures based on your preferences. With stucco, you can create classic and elegant designs that will enhance the appearance of your home significantly.
Decoration Sponge

Decoration Sponge

Our experts can create most designs using a decoration sponge method. So if you do not want flat walls and are looking for a more personalized design, why not work with one of our contractors to get the design that you desire? We have the experience, tools, and skills required to handle most decoration sponge projects. We do our work with finesse and attention to even the smallest details.
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The Benefits

One of the most popular exterior coatings for buildings of all shapes and sizes, including homes and businesses, is stucco, which has several advantages. You should choose a material that can endure the impacts of weathering and temperature changes when choosing an exterior treatment for your property. Stucco has proven to be more durable than wood or vinyl, and it may even endure concrete, in terms of wear and strain. Many homeowners in many different regions have chosen stucco for decades as their preferred material to shield their homes from the devastating impacts of strong winds, snow, and rain.

How We Work

We provide excellent stucco repair service and more to our customers, using only high-quality materials, equipment, and a high level of precision for each job. We make certain that each job runs smoothly.

Our Other Areas Served

Now that you know more about what we offer, how we do it, and why hiring our residential and commercial stucco contractors is the right thing to do, perhaps you also want to know the additional locations that we serve.  They are as follows:

Woodbridge, CA

Garden Acres, CA

August, CA

Lincoln Village, CA

Morada, CA

Sacramento, CA

Stockton, CA

Jackson, CA

Valley Spring, CA

Elk Grove, CA

Antioch, CA

Discovery Bay, CA

Modesto, CA

Suisun, CA

Fairfield, CA

Roseville, CA

Lincoln, CA

Angels Camp, CA

Are you looking for a professional stucco contractor in Lodi, CA? If you are anywhere in the area, Nor Lath & Plaster Inc is the one you can trust. Contact us today!

Stucco Service

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Nor Lath & Plaster Inc‘s philosophy has always been to make sure the client receives the best possible service. That’s why every feedback matters.

Great Job!

I highly recommended this skilled stucco contractor. They arrived exactly when they promised and completed the job accurately. They come with my highest recommendation because they worked with such great precision!

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